Nokia Nearby Ad

 Nokia introduced Nokia Nearby app a long time ago, but at first, it was limited to Nokia Asha ( i mean Nokia S40) series. Now that Nokia has also demoed it working on it’s next generation smartphones commonly known as Lumia series, Nokia has also started to popularize the app via different ads and youtube promotion methods. The video below will lead you to one of such promotions where Nokia demonstrates you the way of using the app correctly and efficiently on a Lumia smartphone. Enjoy :)

From cafés and bars to cinemas and shops, discover what’s around you with Nokia Nearby. The local search app.
Fancy a coffee or a bite to eat but don’t know the area? Need an ATM or train station? Nokia Nearby can help. It lets you search a range of categories, such as Eat and Drink or Transport, for places that are close at hand. It then displays the results in order of proximity – simply select a result to find out more details.