According to a new rumor, Nokia’s Asha series feature phones (or smartphones, yeah this is what Nokia proclaims) will get a design similar to what we saw with Nokia’s First and last meego device, Nokia N9.

In my opinion, Nokia is considering to upgrade the design of its very popular Asha series, and wait there’s also a possibility that Nokia brings a Meltemi based low-cost phone this year.

This is what the anonymous source told mynokiablog:

I have seen new Nokia Asha phone which was leaked a few weeks ago around MWC event.

The phone design looks beautiful and you can say it’s new Nokia N9 Mini version.

New features are as following:

Phone has 3 different screen.

1) Menu Screen
2) Notification Screen.
3) Application screen.

You can switch to different screen with swipe gesture. And it’s not like previous Asha phones, it’s real swipe like we have seen in N9

1) Single hardware button at front.
2) User Interface is inspired from N9 in all apps. (like clock, calendar, settings etc.)
3) Screen resolution is 240×320
4) Various controls for Touch Screen Brightness, Double Tap to Unlock.
5) In notification screen you can see notifications from various apps from like facebook, twitter etc.
6) Dual SIM, 3G, Wifi etc.

Phone runs so smoothly and fast and also play animations and transitions like we have seen in Lumia Range.

The sad thing is that the phone still do not run multiple apps

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