Have you ever heard of fairy tales? Ahh… if not, you can find them here. The pictures you will see from now onwards are no less than a fairy tale or a bunch of fairy tales. Remember that android smartphone you used to have or still having which was having instagram on it for you to play with that little powerful app. But when you you remember that you also have a Windows Phone 8 ( I guess, because no one prefers to choose an old OS, I mean WP 7.5) device, you sadly put it down and say ahh…what’s the use when there’s no Instagram.

Time to get happy boy, as you can see a bunch of concept pics right below which describe the look and feel of a future Instagram application on Microsoft’s mobile platform.Lumia++Instagram+3


A couple of Nokia Lumia phones with Instagram concept laid over their curved screen. Now things start getting harder for Instagram here as anybody who takes a look at these gorgeous devices will fall in love with them and will notice Instagram later :p



The creator has also demoed Instagram concept on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Have a look at these :

Main-screens1-590x335 Camera-screens-590x316 Adv-590x425