Google recently pushed the new version of Google Maps, bringing in the iPad support back. The updated version can be downloaded for free from the App Store

There’s a feature called Offline maps that first debuted on Nokia Maps and later was adopted by the others. Google Maps also has that feature built into the Maps app but that was available for Android users only.

With the new Google Maps 2.0, the Mountain view folks have brought that feature to iOS, however implementing that feature can turn out to be a little tricky and not-so-useful.

To download the Google Maps content for offline use:

Search for a place in Google Maps and zoom in such that all the area that you wish to cache locally is visible on the screen. Now tap the search box and type “ok maps” without the quotes. Tap the Search button on the keyboard and all the visible area will download to your iOS device almost instantly.

Restrictions: You cannot cache a large area of the map in one go but you can obviously divide that area into multiple parts, virtually, and download them one after other.

Follow the short little tutorial on How to download offline Google Maps: