jagjit singh doodle


Isn’t it strange that we don’t remember something that is necessary and is very much connected with us and our life? Surely it is, but need not to worry as Google has a Doodle for every important date of our life. Today being the 72nd birthday of legendary Gazal Singer, Jagjit Singh was also a important day for many Indians. So Google decided to make it big with a special doodle dedicated to Jagjit Singh and in the same way gave a little tribute to the singing maestro.

Jagjit Singh was born Jagmohan Singh in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India on 8 February 1941. His musical talent was spotted at an early age and his father encouraged him to learn music from prominent talents of the time. In 1965, at age 24, he decided to head to Bombay to try and make a career in music. In Mumbai Singh met Chitra Dutta, who was unhappily married at the time. She went on to divorce her husband and married Singh in 1969, paving the way for one of India’s most popular singing duets to be united in personal life. The couple started singing ghazals, a form of singing that originated in 6th century Arabic verse. It wasn’t until 1976, with the album The Unforgettables, that the couple received any kind of recognition or success.(Source: NDTV)